The young navigator star award is the part of the programme for younger participates. It is designed so it can be completed on or near school sites. It is open to young people of all levels of physical and mental ability including those with specific disabilities. 

The aim is to encourage exploration and journeying using simple maps such as street maps, pictorial park maps and orienteering maps. The awards fit easily into the National Curriculum for PE, Geography and Maths as well as taking map and compass skills into the world outside school. 

We provide courses for open groups (bringing young people together to achieve the award), Youth groups and School groups. The award is open to young people aged 7 upwards.

Successful completion of each star gives you the young navigator star award certificate and Badge.


Starts in the classroom with map concept, symbols, scales and orientation. Children draw their own maps from a desk top landscape and follow routes on this and then move on to using a classroom map.



Moves from classroom or gymnasium to school site and introduces the compass for orientation. Spatial awareness is developed by judging relationships between objects set out in a 'furniture forest. 



Covers line navigation on the school site following fences, paths and walks. Children organise and plan simple activities on site or in a local park. Compass bearings and contour appreciation are introduced and developed. 


Location: William Farr School & Hartsholme Country Park
Duration: 60mins
Ratio: 1:8
£8.50 Per Person
Per Class Session
What's Included?
Maps & Compasses
Stationery items
certificate and Badge on completion of each award.
Fully qualified  first aid trained climbing Instructor(s)
Participates must be accompanied by an parent or  guardian. 



Tel: 07909090871